…. they were unschooled, ordinary men …. they had been with Jesus …. the crippled man healed standing with them – Acts 4:13,14


The first missionary to Burma (Myanmar) was Adoniram Judson.  He translated the Bible into Burmese.  He  toiled tirelessly for 6 years before a Burmese person came to the Lord.  It was through the Karen tribe, that he received a great harvest.  The Karens were touched by the gospel through a cultural key in their oral tradition

“Long, long ago the Karen elder brother and his young white brother lived close together. God gave each of them a Book of Gold containing all they needed for their salvation, success and happiness. The Karen brother neglected and lost his Book of Gold and so he fell into a wretched type of existence, ignorant and cruelly oppressed by the Burmese. The white brother, however, prized his Golden Book, or Book of God, and so, when he sailed away across the oceans, God greatly blessed him. Some day the white brother will return, bringing with him God’s Book, which, if the Karen people will receive and obey, will bring to them salvation and untold blessings. ”  (Source: The Reformed Reader)

A Karen, Ko Tha Byu met Adorinam and heard God’s word.  Adorinam Judson was the ‘white brother’ who came back bringing God’s Book.

Through severe challenges, imprisonment and trials, at Adoniram Judson’s death there were sixty-three churches and seven thousand converts.

Testimony of a Burmese pastor who was raised from the dead.  Click here.

Here’s a recent meeting in Burma with Indonesian pastor,  Philip Mantofa where God’s Spirit moved mightily.

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