…. they were unschooled, ordinary men …. they had been with Jesus …. the crippled man healed standing with them – Acts 4:13,14

Revival in China

When China closed its doors to foreign missionaries in 1949, there were about 700,000 protestant christians.  Through extreme persecution, suffering, hardship and martyrdom, the flame of the church in China was not extinguished, instead God’s Spirit swept across China through His people.  Today, some have estimated that there are about 30 to 130 million christians in China .

The following are accounts of this revival in China from:

  • Journalist – Dr. David Aikman, former TIME magazine senior correspondent and Beijing bureau chief, authored Jesus in Beijing.
  • Sociology professor – Dr Fenggang Yang, Professor of Sociology, Purdue University
  • Pastor & Missionary – Pastor Dennis Balcombe, founder Revival Chinese Ministries International, who has ministered in China since 1978.  He speaks fluent Mandarin & Cantonese.
  • Chinese Author – Liao Yiwu, 廖亦武,  a “sympathetic nonbeliever,” spent three years observing and studying Chinese Christianity from the inside, and wrote God is Red.
  • Economist – Zhao Xiao (赵晓) is a respected Chinese economist in China who has gained attention for arguing that China’s economy would benefit from the spread of Christianity.

“The influence of Christianity, has now become more important [and is] emerging because of the lack of mainstream values systems in China. ….. [But] the churches have grown in the midst of persecutions.
The stronger the persecution the purer the church will become.
The more persecutions the more lively the churches will become.”

Rev Zhang Boli (source)

Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China
Changing the Global Balance of Power
Dr. David Aikman, Veteran TIME magazine senior correspondent and Beijing bureau chief

Why Christianity is Thriving in China Today
Dr Fenggang Yang, Professor of Sociology, Purdue University

Fenggang Yang, Lost in the Market, Saved at McDonald’s: Conversion to Christianity in Urban China, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Vol 44 Issue 4, 2005.  Click here.

Revival in China & Indonesia

Pastor Dennis Balcombe, founder Revival Chinese Ministries International,
he regularly ministers in China since 1978.

God is Red
Liao Yiwu, 廖亦武,  a “sympathetic nonbeliever,” spent three years observing and studying Chinese Christianity from the inside and wrote, God is Red.
An interview with Liao Yiwu Click here.
Excerpt from God is Red – Pastor Wang Zhiming (1907-1973)  Click here.
Excerpt From God is Red – Dr Sun, Yunnan  Click here.

 Christianity & China Transformation

Zhao Xiao (赵晓) is a Chinese economist from China who has gained attention for arguing that China’s economy would benefit from the spread of Christianity.  In 2002 he published a paper in China entitled “Market Economies With Churches and Market Economies Without Churches”, which argued that the key to America’s commercial success was its churches.  Zhao began to study the Bible with the intent of proving there was no truth in it, but after three months, he “admitted defeat” and converted to Christianity.

Interview with Zhao Xiao (PBS)  Click here.

Christianity and China Tranformation (pdf)  Click here.

Here’s one missions account of what God was doing before 1949 (pdf, click here), through the nations, through China, … through ordinary folks who responded to God’s call to go, … and for some ultimately giving their lives for the gospel of Christ.


Further reading:
Jesus in Beijing David Aikman   One Journey, One Nation Dennis Balcombe   China's Opening Door Dennis Balcombe     God is Red Liao Yiwu

—->From Tiananmen to Jesus

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May 26 2014

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